Jokes about Peanuts – Peanuts Jokes that will make you cry

There was once a grumpy old man whose family couldn’t take care of him any longer.

Because of that the family had decided that a nursing home would be the best solution for the grumpy old man.

Of course he directly rejected the idea, but his family stood firm and persuaded him it was the best solution for him.


The first day at the nursing home, the grumpy old man spent most of the time laying in his bed reflecting on his life so far and started feeling very lonely. After a while, an orderly stopped by to see how the grumpy old man was doing on his first day in the home.

“How are you doing today sir?” she asked the grumpy old man, “I see this is your first day with us.” The grumpy old man replied with a nod.

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In no time the two began talking up a storm. And as the conversation continued, the orderly saw that the room was filled with fresh flowers, cards and balloons from friends and family.

She also noticed a bowl full of shelled peanuts standing on top of the table that was next to the bed, and she helped herself to a handful of them.

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The Grumpy Old Man and The Peanuts - Jokes about Peanuts

As the two continued talking with each other, the orderly kept eating more and more of the peanuts. After a while, she looked at her watch and noticed that nearly two hours had passed since she started talking with the grumpy old man. “Oh my goodness,” she said, “Time has gone by, we’ve been talkin for 2 hours. I really have to tend to other people in home, too.”

“Of course, it’s okay,” said the grumpy old man, “I feel way better now, now I have been able to talk to someone else besides myself.”

After having a look at the bowl of peanuts the orderly said, “Now I really feel awful! I almost finished the whole bowl of peanuts!”

 Awww, that’s okay young man,” rasped the grumpy old man. “I really don’t even like peanuts,” he said.

“I just like to suck the chocolate off ’em.


Jokes about Peanuts – Peanuts Jokes

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