A couple of elders pass away together.

Grumpy Old Folk Jokes Blog - We are in Heaven
We are in Heaven

They meet in Paradise. They have a nice three rooms suite in a beautiful hotel with a cute view on the lake.

She has miles and miles of shops with women stuff and befriends a few fine ladies to hang out with.

An old man goes to a pub, meets nice men to play card with. Beer is fresh and a couple of whiskey shots are even better. He smokes good cigars and none seem to care if ash goes down to the ground.

When wife and husband meet again in their apartment, she is worried because her husband has a grumpy face.

“What’s up dear. Here is wonderful. We are in Heaven. We are together, you should be happy”.

And the husband replies:

“Shut up! If it wasn’t for you being a healthy life maniac we would have been here for at least thirty years!”

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