An old man sees two burglars break into his garage

Grumpy Old Folk Jokes Blog - Please send a police car
Please send a police car

He quickly calls the police and says:
“Please send a police car, there are two burglars in my garage!”

“I’m sorry sir. We don’t have any available units. Please lock your doors and remain inside.”

The old grumpy man just says ‘Okay’ in a calm voice and hangs up. He waits one minute and then call the police again:

“Hello. I just called regarding two burglars in my garage 1 minute ago. Don’t worry about them any more. I just killed them both.”

An old man hangs up and sit down in his couch. 5 minutes later there is an ambulance and 2 police cars in his driveway.
From his window he sees the police force enter the garage, and shortly after drag the two burglars out of there.

One of the police officers then knocks on his door, and as the old grumpy man opens, the police officer says:

“Excuse me sir, but didn’t you say that you had killed two burglars in your garage?!”

To which the old grumpy man responds in a grumpy voice:
“Yes. Yes I did. And didn’t you say that you didn’t have any available units!”

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