A man left his home on a very rainy night, walked down to the sidewalk, and stopped a vacant cab that was just passing by in the street. After he got in to the cab the driver said; great timing – you are just like John.

Who? The man asked! John Goodson, the cabby answered. He always did everything right all the time. Like now when I came along just when you need a cab. That kind of things always happened to John. “Everyone always has some bad luck in their live right?” The passenger said dubiously. The cabby shaked his head and said; NO, not John! He was a great athlete. He even could have won the Grandslam in golf. He could have been the Roger Federer of tennis. He even sang like an opera baritone and danced like Michael Jackson! And boy, could he play the quitar… He really was an amzing guy.

Really sound like he was an amzing person, the passenger said. Wait, the cabby said, there’s more. John had a memory like an elefant. He could remmember anybody’s birthday and other important dates. He knew everything about wines and what kind of food to order in every single restaurant. And also he knew which fork to use for any kind of dish. He was also a real handyman, not like me, cause if I change a fuse the whole block blacks out.

Wow, he sounds like a real amazing guy, the passenger said with admiration in his voice.

Yeah indeed, the cabby said. And he also knew the best ways to affoid any traffic jams. Not like me… I always pick the wrong way somehow. But not John, he always found the best ways without making a mistake. And what’s more, he really knew how to treat a woman the right way and make her feel good in every way. He wouldn’t even answer her back if she was wrong. Also his clothing was immaculate, shoes perfectly polished and his hair always perfect. He was the perfect man, nevermade a mistake in his life, not once!

“Wow, really sound like an amazing fellow… How did you meet him, the passenger asked?

Well… I never actually met John… the cabby explained.

He died and I married his widow

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