Two older Texans sat on the airplane with a grumpy old Texan between the two of them. After a few hours in the air, one of the older Texans started talking and kind of bragging… Hi guys, my name is Mike. I’m 45 years old, married with a gourgious and sexy 29 year old ex stripper and I own about 220 thousand acres. And on those 220 thousand acres I have around 1.200 pieces of catlle walking around and in town they call my ranch the Mighty Mike.

The other old Texan then sneered; pffff, My name is John, I’m living together with my 25 year old girlfriend who use to be a photomodel and her best friend who is also an ex-photomodel. And they enjoy sharing everything in life! And besides that I have around 2000 head of cattle on about 350.000 acres of land, and my both my girlfriend, her best friend and people in town call my place Big John’s!

They both look at the other older Texan and ask him. Hey Oldtimer, what about you? The Oldtimer then tells them, Well, my name is Irving, living alone as a widow and I own only about 300 acres of land.
Mike then asked; Only 300 acres of land? So what do you raise on your land then? Irving then slowly replied, absolutly nothing at all.
Nothing at all, how’s that? Irving asked. Well then, what do you call the place, John asked the oldtimer.

The Grumpy old Texan took awhile and then replied with a low voice; Downtown Dallas!


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