Grumpy Old Folk Jokes - Bathroom in the Morning

Bathroom in the Morning

When my 85-year-old father was in the hospital, his doctor, trying to determine Dad’s mental state and then asked, “What gets you up in the morning?” My father shrugged. “Probably the same thing as everyone. I have to go to the bathroom.” Older and not Bothered When the new activities director for the rec center […]

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Grumpy Old Folk Jokes

Teeth out too

Two old guys, Fred and Sam went to the movies.  A few minutes after it started, Fred heard Sam rustling around and he seemed to be searching on the floor under his seat.  “What are you doing?” asked Fred. Sam, a little grumpy by this time, replied “I had a caramel in my mouth and

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What happened when this Old Lady was pulled over for speeding?

“An older lady gets pulled over by an officer for speeding”…Older Woman: Is there a problem, officer?Officer: Ma’am, you were kinda speeding.Older Woman: Oh really, I see.Officer: Can I see your driver license please?Older Woman: I would sure like to give it to you but I don’t have it anymore.Officer: Don’t have it anymore?Older Woman:

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Hilarious Classified Adverts from Older Citizens

Vintage Classified Adverts

Young people are not the only people that put up personal ads. Old men and women do too! And that they have a very good sense of humor goes without saying. Here are some very funny classifed ads placed by actual senior citizens in Florida plus a couple of personal ads from Arizona. Male, 1922,

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