Two older men were standing on a street corner, talking about the merits of their teenage sons. “You know something,” remarked the first man, “My teenage son is so thick. I really don’t think at school they teach the kids anything useful these days.” “Well,” replied the other gentleman, “He can’t ever be worse than mine!” The discussion continued for awhile, when suddenly they espied

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both of their teenage sons coming towards them. “Listen,” said the first man, “I’ll prove to you that my son is thicker than yours.” “Come here Algie!” The lad duly obeyed his father and asked why he had called him over. “Here’s 10p” replied the father, ” Go and buy your mother a new fridge from the electrical store!” The second parent likewise called his son over. “Jasper,” he said ” here’s 50p. Go home on the bus and see if

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I’m there!” Both boys departed together and met up around the corner. Algie beckoned Jasper to him and whispered in his ear “My dad’s really stupid, Jasper,” he said, “he has given me 10p to buy my mum a new fridge from the electrical store, and it’s Wednesday – early closing day!” “That’s nothing!” replied Jasper, “my old man’s worse than that. He gave me 50p to get on the bus and go home to see if he’s there. He could have phoned up himself for 10p!”

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