One day a grandfather went fishing with his grandson. After a few hours on the boat they hadn’t cathed anything yet an the grandson got a bit bored. So he started thinking about the world around him. The boy began to get curious, so he started to ask his grandfather questions.

“How does this boat float?” he wondered.
The grandfather thought about it for a while and then replied, I don’t rightly know, son.

The boy then asked his grandfather, “Why is the sky blue?”
And again his grandfather replied, “I’m sorry son, I don’t rightly know.”

After a while the boy then asked his grandfather, “How do the fish breathe under water?”
And once again his grandfather replied, “Sorry son, I don’t rightly know.”

The boy tried one more time and asked his grandfather, “Why does the water rise and then goes down again everyday?”
And yet again the grandfather replied, “I really rightly don’t know son.”

Getting worried that he was annoying his grandfather, the boy asked, “Gramps, do you mind that I’m asking you all of these questions all the time?
The grandfather directly tried to assure him, “Of course not, my son, Because if you never ask any questions, you’ll never learn anything.”

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