Greatest Vacuum Cleaner of All Time

A vacuum salesman appeared at the door of an old lady’s little old cottage. Without even waiting for the woman to say a word, he barged into the cozy living room as if he owned the place.

In a shocking display, he flung a hefty bag of dirt high into the air, causing it to scatter all over the woman’s meticulously cleaned carpet. The room erupted with an earthy cloud, leaving the old lady speechless.

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With an air of arrogance, the salesman declared, “Madam, I present to you the Greatest Vacuum Cleaner of All Time, that will revolutionize your daily cleaning routine!”

In order to prove the vacuum’s unparalleled prowess, he confidently challenged, “If this top of the range vacuum cleaner fails to pick up each and every little speck of dirt, then without hesitation, I shall devour all this dirt I have just unleashed upon your floors.”

Greatest Vacuum Cleaner of All Time

Caught between disbelief and annoyance, the woman’s patience wore thin. She retorted firmly, “Sir, if I had the means to afford your “Greatest Vacuum Cleaner of All Time“, I would have prioritized paying my electricity bill before they abruptly disconnected it last week.

So, are you more inclined towards a humble spoon or a civilized knife and fork as you prepare to feast on the dirt you so recklessly scattered on my floor?”

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